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Computer Doctors Offers a free Sit down with potential web-page customers to get a feel for your business product.  We would also like to get your feedback as to how your designed web-site will look and function on the web.  We welcome you to set up a free appointment with one of our qualified webmasters by either E-Mail or by calling (732) 516-8565 or (201) 290-4254

We are confident in the quality of work we deliver and our pricing is the most competitive in the market. Please note that the quoted prices may vary according to the complexity and required turn-around time of individual projects. For detailed quote inquiries, please E-mail or call one of our qualified web technicians...

Web projects need to be quoted on a specific basis as no project is the same. Specific needs such as Flash Animations, 3d renderings, heavy graphic design, logo design, web site hosting, and data-base backing will inflate the cost of your web site. Additional page design is approximately $100. per page. Other services such as Shopping Carts, Programming Solution, or any other Technology Solutions can be developed for additional cost. Please contact us to discuss the most suitable plan for you. All designs are completely scalable to allow future growth and development.


Topics Covered at appointment:
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1. Web site URL -(               
We can check the availability and register
a domain name for you.
2. Web site LookColor themes, graphics, logos, everything specially designed to how you would like your web site to look.
3. Time Frame - How soon you are looking to get your web site online. Obviously the more web site content the longer the design will take. This can be from 2 days to 1 week max.
When the base design is ready, the client needs to check that we are heading in the right direction and suggest adjustments to the design accordingly.  The customer will be involved in the whole process of the design without having to do any of the hard work. web site design,  web design, web page design, internet web site design, custom web site design, web design, web development, small business web design, web site design company
  • We customize the basic look to fit your logo and style of business.
  • Pick your colors and TALK to a real designer and get your ideas across.
  • We have the features you want ready for you. If you need something we don't have, we'll build it, but 99% of the time what we have is what you need.
  • Our experience works for you.
  • We answer our phone and our email. We'll talk to you on the phone and help you. What else do you need to know?
  • Professional images pertaining to your company industry on every page of the web site.
  • Site will be expandable for viewing in different resolution sizes. Ex: 800x600 or 1024x768
  • A copy of all files used to create the web site.
A professionally designed Web site consisting of as many pages as your Web site needs (Example pages could include Home, Company Description, Products, Services, and Contact Us.) 
Work with a professional Web consultant to design and build your site. You won't need technical expertise - just an Internet connection and a compatible browser!
Our professional designers will design your site to meet your specific needs.

Free one-on-one consultation with a dedicated Web designer to determine your needs and specifications

Professional setup, design and maintenance of your site
Up to 1,000 pages to choose your Web design from
Easy to use self-editing tool, we will give you a free lesson on maintaining your completed Web site
Pay Pal® 'Buy Now' buttons to sell products online
Free tutorial on Web site submissions, learn how to get seen for FREE
Your Web page will have a counter for Web site traffic reports
We will provide you with a registered domain name for your Web page
All the free advice about the best possible Web hosting solution - 2 years free hosting with any website design package purchase...

Change the content you want when you want. No complicated set up (because we do it for you!). NO LEARNING CURVE. So intuitive you'll be using it within 2 minutes of logging in. Everything spelled out in plain English. NO GEEKY COMPUTER STUFF!


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